Lyst Technologies Releases Synergies as a Service to Speed Adoption


Bahrain – June 14, 2018 

Lyst Technologies, the leading provider of next generation Islamic banking & Financial solution, today announced general availability of its Synergies Banking Solution for SaaS, i.e. Synergies as a Service, through AWS, Microsoft Azure and DigitalOcean cloud computing platforms.

The market for SaaS solutions is expected to reach more than $53 billion this year. As the growth of SaaS products continues, banking solutions are increasing as complex as their on-premise counterparts, making agility critical to cloud computing business success. Agility and easy solution adaptation engage banks and financial institutions and leads to more successful implementation. These outcomes help solve one of the primary reasons for canceled SaaS subscriptions: failure to adopt and use the product.

Synergies as a Service is a cloud-agnostic offering supporting any SaaS application, regardless of where it is hosted. Banks and Financial institutions access with one click from any browser, without the need for any set-up or installation. Banks and financial institutions can adapt the solution as they see fit. Separate model setup and full-featured solutions, such as: Synergies SME Banking, Synergies microfinance solutions and the Synergies Digital Platform are offered through Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, where Synergies wholesale & Investment banking are offered through DigitalOcean Cloud platform and Synergies Universal banking through Amazon Web Services Cloud computing platform. “Synergies as a service Immersive banking is the most effective way to engage with banks and financial institutions and ensure they get value from newly adopted SaaS solution” said Shadi FEGHALI, CSO at Lyst Technologies. “Close partnerships with our customers have enabled us to provide high-agile features, ease of use and exceptional experiences that have made Synergies the leading Islamic financial inclusion enabler globally for on-premise applications, and now we’re extending these much-needed capabilities to the cloud.”



LYST Technologies ( is a leading system integrator of world-class business solutions. LYST provides leading-edge technology solutions, addressing the ever-changing needs and demands of the Islamic financial sector. The company operates globally and focuses on powering the Islamic financial sector. LYST is a subsidiary of Catalyst group, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector, a member of the Islamic Development Bank Group.

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