Synergies University


  • Synergies Global University (SGU) is established and designed to provide industry experts, clients, staff development and empowerment and professionals interested in Islamic FinTech, to develop and enhance their knowledge and understanding on the subject and its requirements.
    SGU started as a Synergies training division. Employees from all over the different countries come to complete courses to advance their careers in the group. SGU embodies the company commitment to industry experts’ development and empowerment. Many employees, nominated by leadership, have progressed from basic training courses at SGU through management positions in the various divisions.
    SGU offers world-class education who pursue service excellence, superb work and impeccable business ethics.
    SGU’s vision is to be a globally respected institution committed to giving a load of insights and developing Synergies and FinTech Leaders.
    The primary component is offering core training with new educational practices so they can continue to grow and learn on their own.
    SGU specializes in the education on Islamic Banking and Islamic Financial Technologies.
    Having experience in this domain and connections in the Islamic Financial Industries in many countries could benefit you to the maximum in your education on Islamic FinTech and what new technologies and solutions are being implemented.
    Our flagship product SYNERGIES has been designed and developed to meet the needs of the Islamic Financial Industry, in compliance with the Sharia law and will be the core subject in your educational journey with SGU.
    SGU cover many focused components and elements.

    The best solutions are always simple.