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Consumer Finance

The digital era dictates on banks and financial institutions to completely digitize and streamline their operations and enhance the customer experience in consumer financing. Customers have more choices than ever, including their consumer finance needs. Due to significant changes in technology, customer demographics, and customer preferences, a deep understanding of what customers think about an organization and the service it provides is critical.

Financial institutions are considering these six questions to learn how to enhance their customers' experiences.

· Do I know who my customers are?
· Am I attracting and retaining the right customers?
· Am I listening to my customers?
· Am I measuring satisfaction?
· Have I developed an agile service delivery strategy?
· Am I constantly rethinking my processes and offerings?

By enhancing the customer experience, financial institutions can open the door for increased customer loyalty and retention, more opportunities for cross-selling, and new customers - all of which can contribute to greater profitability and a better brand in the marketplace.

Synergies for Consumer Finance, i.e. S4CoF, provides a complete end-to-end Consumer Financing Solution for banks and financial institutions. The solution provides additional category of solution and services, which includes:

- Customer experience management
- Consumer financing Origination
- Customer history, trends and analysis
- Islamic Consumer finance comprehensive product offering covering all aspects of sharia compliant consumer financing
· Lifecycle Needs: such as housing, car, education, etc..
- Delivery of the consumer financing products and services through a comprehensive Omni-channel solution, i.e. mobile, internet, Agents, etc

Digitization in Consumer financing has the potential of changing the customer perception with convenient service and improved operational efficiency.