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Islamic Window

Synergies for Islamic Window, i.e. S4IW is a focused solution that enables conventional banks to adopt Islamic finance and operate its Islamic Window more efficiently and seamlessly; In addition to Synergies features and benefits, S4IW caters for all Islamic Window intricacies and provides best of breed Islamic window coverage and functionality
• Comprehensive Islamic Finance compliance including all required Islamic finance offering and products mix
• Complete and proper segregation of all Islamic sources of funds and uses of funds
• Latest technology trends including digital Islamic Window and across the different channels • Enables the utilization of the same existing delivery channels or different specialized Islamic Window delivery channels, or even both
• Enables the banks to adopt different models, ranging from business services centralization to complete Islamic finance specialization
Synergies for Islamic Window (S4IW) is the right solution for conventional banks wanting to better leverage the Islamic banking potential and open Islamic window